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Levensechte Masturbator-sekspop met grote kont strakke kanalen voor mannen Masturbatie Vagina Anale seks

£ 353.83


£ 229.99


New product

Levensechte Masturbator-sekspop met grote kont strakke kanalen voor mannen Masturbatie Vagina Anale seks

Grootte: 12.6*15.75*8.66 inch (32*40*32 cm)

Gewicht: 24.25 lb (11 kg)

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De levensechte sekspop voor mannelijke masturbators is gemaakt van nieuw zacht TPR-materiaal en is klaar om al je fantasieën te bevredigen!

Dit mannelijk seksspeeltje heeft realistisch, handgeschilderd detail met perfecte roze poesjes en roze tunnel voor de meest authentieke ervaring.

Duik in haar strakke kleine kontje of dikke mollige lippen. Haar twee verschillende geribbelde kanalen bieden tweemaal de stimulatie en tweemaal de opwinding.

Binnen elk kanaal ervaar je een reeks stimulerende getextureerde noppen, groeven en ribbels om de sensaties te verbeteren.

Eén open uiteinde zorgt voor verbazingwekkende masturbatie voor elke lengte en maakt opruimen gemakkelijk, en het andere gesloten uiteinde geeft een strakkere sensatie dan ooit wanneer je streelt!


soft and stretchy


A really good product. It’s tight, yet stretchy so it is so comfortable to use. The delivery was super fast, the product comes in a nice black box. The product is pretty heavy for sure. The tunnel feel realistic, and it doesn’t feel cheap at all. It could last a very long time and it is very easy to clean. A good toy to play with at night.

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Bigger then expected. Very tight in both wholes. Definitely can make it bounce and jiggle any way you want.

Out of all the toys I've tried this is the most snug, versatile,


The Male Masturbator by Nabini is the best, especially for its price!

I've recently got into upgrading from pocket models to more realistic silicone molds, and a few months ago I purchased one that felt good but didn't compare to this one. The one I got before had no back (meaning it was flat) and so it was awkward to grip, limiting its function to missionary. I think that my favorite quality is that this toy has a back that you can grip which allows the whole process to feel more natural, whether you're hitting it from the back, front, or taking it for a ride. Another feature that all masturber men would enjoy is that inside the the toy there are ridges that perfectly wraps around your member for a snug fit, making it feel so real. The only con is that if you're big you need to really lubricate this toy to increase its longevity. I learned from my previous toy that the silicone isn't meant to really last a year, but I think its totally worth the price in this one. I didn't feel like I was putting up with this because I wanted something cheaper, rather I truly feel like I got more quality than what I paid for. I see how local sex shops would purchase an item like this and sell it for three times the price.