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Angela B cup sex dukkker 140cm (4.59ft), The Temptation fra Prinsessen af Ren Kærlighed

£ 899.99


£ 629.99

New product

Angela B cup sex dukkker 140cm (4.59ft), The Temptation fra Prinsessen af Ren Kærlighed

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Navn: Angela

Højde: 140cm / 4.59 ft

Hudfarve: Naturlig

Øvre Bryst: 71cm / 27.95 inch

Nedre Bryst: 60cm / 23.62 inch

Talje: 48 cm / 18.90 inch

Hip: 70 cm / 27.56 inch

Vægt: 24 kg / 53 lb

Vaginal Dybde: 17cm / 6.70 inch

Anus dybde: 17cm / 6.70 inch

Oral dybde: 12cm / 4.72 inch

Materiale: TPE med et metalskelet


Alle dukker kommer med en paryk, makeup, gratis tilfældigt outfit og gratis vaginal rengøringssæt.

leverings information

* GRATIS forsendelse til UK, europæiske lande (ingen takst).
* GRATIS forsendelse til USA, Canada, Australien osv.
* Skib fra EU lager og HongKong lager.
* Diskret emballage - boksen er helt almindelig og umærkelig.
* 8 arbejdsdage leveringstid

Notice: The defaults is built-in vagina and no pubic hair, please add a comment in your order if you want doll with removable vagina or pubic hair.


Great product,


Great product, quick shipping! It looked so beautiful. I like it, It's good in every way.

Real doll


Real doll. I have a TPE real doll, and here I wrote some good and bad stuff about sex doll.
• Jess, sex it feels just like with a real vagina, if you use quality lubricant.
• Anal sex is even better than on real woman. Oral sex is 95% as original.
• And you don't need to apply lubricant every time.
• Face is real enough so I easily to watch it and transition from head to neck is good.
• Body is perfect, and when I need sex I just put it out of the closet.
• If you do not come inside, you do not need to clean it. And I clean it only under the shower.
• Sex doll are definitely better than watch porn or masturbate. Because I rarely do that since I have doll.
• Doll is really cold. Sometimes I’m even scared to touch it. So I have to worm up bedroom in the winter to be hot entire room. We'll see how it will be in the summer.
• Doll is too heavy (32kg). I'm consider to be more strong than average man, and it's still difficult to set the doll in position. And it takes too much time to do that. Great feature would be if you could lock the position, because if sex is too rough it moves.
• Doll attract dust, especially because I use lubricant. Then it's sticky everything and she needs to shower every 2-3 use. Great feature would be if the skin would be so soft as it is when it is wet.
• It's too easy to damage the doll (and furniture or wall) If you move the doll around you must be careful. Even more when you sex. I scratch my table with doll elbow, scratch wall with doll leg… after 2month of usage I can count 10 damages on doll. Fingernails are taking off (3 so far). And fingers are need to be straighten out all the time. Consequently, they are already worn. I hope the doll will last 2 years, but I doubt.
• If you have stand able doll, you have to make an effort to make it stand.
• Breasts are too hard for my taste or compare to real.
• When I put the head on and screw it up, it had a little space and make a sound when sex. I fix that with pluming rope. Now it's fixed and head is little more difficult to turn around, which is good, because before the head turns around too easily.
• Storage is best in the closet. I even made second door, so if someone (some visitor) open my closet door, he would see another door (without hook).

Sehr schöne Puppe


Es giebt nur einen kleinen Fehler dass wenn ich es Oral mit ihr mache sie nicht würgen muss und mit 15 cm mundtiefe gerade knapp genug da ich 17cm fleisch habe. Sonst ist die Qalität gut und beim Reiigen einfach umgekehrt auf den Balkon stellen.

Ist okay aber große


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